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Our AI-powered advertising solutions are different than any other. They include verified inventory, immersive ad experiences, and quality-verified audiences that scale, whether devices have IDs or not.

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Next-Generation Advertising

Emodo Supply and Audiences are different than any other inventory source, because it's powered by Telco Intelligence. That's a really important difference for marketers who are serious about accuracy, performance and waste reduction.
The Telco Intelligence Difference

Better Models & Best Truth Set Data

Durable AI Models

Advanced machine learning models, continually validated with real time data, that power more effective campaigns.

Consumer Mobility Signals

Safe, anonymized, privacy-compliant mobile network data is the most accurate truth set.

scale and precision

Precision Audiences That Scale

ID based Audiences

We apply the industry’s best truth sets, including, Telco data, and ML algorithms to verify the accuracy and quality of ID-based audiences rigorously.

Predictive Audiences

As more devices become un-trackable, they are still highly addressable with Emodo Predictive Audiences

Contextual 2.0

Not just based on the words on a page. We use a wide range of contextual signals to enhance the accuracy of your chosen segments.

Durable Audience Solutions

A Better Way to Advertise

Strategy and Planning

We design and deliver next-generation solutions in every digital format and activate them across all digital media.

Verified Inventory

Emodo Supply is carefully curated inventory that’s verified, scored and filtered for accuracy and effectiveness pre-bid.

Scalable Audiences

All of our audiences include predictive segments that target devices, even without the need for Ad IDs.

Measureable Outcomes

Advanced measurement and transparent reporting to demonstrate your media effectiveness.

Verified Brand Safe Media

Our Brand Safety tools, metrics, and verified media ensure your brand is protected

Persistent Data

Telco data capture up to 10x the device events per day to optimize and ensure the accuracy of audience segments.

more effective buying

Get More From Your Campaigns

Poor data quality costs 21% of every media dollar spent (Forrester Research). Inaccurate bid stream data causes more waste than invalid traffic and viewability issues combined. Emodo addresses all three.
Moments and metrics that matter

Verified Audiences Drive Improved Performance

Campaign after campaign, Emodo Verified Audience and Supply have been proven to deliver better results against digital KPIs.


Improved ROAS
Emodo performance vs. industry average (avg)


Our results vs. 70% target in-view


Creative dwell time
Emodo immersive formats vs. legacy advertising formats (avg)
Immersive ad Formats

Delvify Creative Lab

Deliver dynamic, innovative, and immersive creative. Leverage a broad range of creative formats to capture attention and engage audiences through high immersive formats.

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Our advanced AI solutions help forward-thinking people like you increase online sales, deliver your products on-trend, on-time and on-cost, and deliver digital advertising with precision targeting that scales. 

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