3 must-haves for programmatic Planning in 2021

The challenges presented by COVID-19 to the Media and Advertising industry has been evident. As we adjust to a “new normal”, there is no going back to the way business was done before this pandemic. So, what is this “new normal”? Everyone has their own version, but we believe it can be encapsulated in 3 key must-haves that brands should remember when they are thinking of their Programmatic strategy in 2021! 

1. Flexibility

2020 has proven to be a year of change in the digital ad ecosystem. In months, we saw major shifts that was forecasted to take years. Brands believe that the “inevitable future” of advertising will be fully digitized and embrace real-time trading. What does it mean to media planning and buying then?

The biggest upfront concerns from advertisers include budget allocation and the change in viewership habits under uncertainty in the pandemic situation. This will continue in 2021, which has declared the death of upfront advertising and will accelerate the consolidation and integration between the supply-side and demand-side for not only TV but also all digital channels.

This shift won’t happen overnight. We expect that it will be a year of flexibility in terms of planning, buying and negotiations across the whole ecosystem to adapt for uncertainties. 

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With the exponential growth of DOOH and CTV, connectivity becomes the equivalent for digital transformation of traditional media channels and shows the possibility of emerging new connected devices and channels. 5G’s technological impacts on advertising will enhance real-time trading and enable new advertising opportunities which were considered as impossible before. 

The other dimension of connectivity is data and targeting. Without cookies, advertisers expect a return of contextual targeting with advanced data and tools for assessing content – better and stronger than before! It will be the natural next step for the industry to develop sophisticated tools to achieve more granular and accurate contextual targeting for mobile, CTV (basically all channels), and incorporating into Programmatic audience and activation. 

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Brand Suitability

Brand suitability and safety are always our priorities as a Programmatic partner. According to the IAS 2021 Industry Pulse Report. As Programmatic continues to boom, the focus on media quality and transparency will intensify. It should be highlighted that nearly half of the industry experts say publishers should be held accountable from brand risk, followed by supply side platforms and verification providers.

To us, the question is more on how to improve and advocate brand suitability rather than who should be accountable. We are expected to see more technological improvements and innovations in content adjacency, sentiment analysis, and audience demographic in 2021.

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What’s your vision for Programmatic in 2021? Get in touch with our team today to see how you can scale your brand with Programmatic advertising using connectivity, flexibility and brand suitability in 2021! 

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