3 ways to drive brand awareness with Programmatic


Every brand wants their audience to be aware of who they are and how their products or services are beneficial to their lives. However, this doesn’t just happen overnight. There are many factors to how your brand can drive awareness and there will always be new ways to push your brand to boom again, for example, Eggo’s placement in Stranger Things that caused the classic waffle brand sales to surge. Programmatic is one of the ways that can help boost your awareness.  

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What is Brand Awareness? 

Brand awareness is the extent of how familiar consumers are with a brand, and how they can recognize the quality of the brand. In the early stages of a brand, it is important to create “hype” for the general public to be curious about what your brand is and thus, generating awareness.  

How Can Programmatic Drive Brand Awareness?  

With Programmatic advertising, we can now better actualise branding strategies in a data-driven, cross-device, and brand-safe manner. Below are three empowered capabilities of driving brand awareness through Programmatic buying:


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1. Storytelling in an Effective Way 

Storytelling in brand advertising is not a new concept, marketers and agencies have been innovating ways to share brand stories and connect with audience by showing a sequence of creative messages to a user. 

As Programmatic tracks online audience and their interaction with your brand message, the concept of storytelling can be actualized to an individual level, guiding users along their unique perception change or decision path with aligned creatives – across different sizes and formats according to their digital behavior. 

When you have a brand story to tell, you want your audience to listen to the full story. Programmatic storytelling can help whether you are communicating a more complex brand message, advertising an innovative yet novel product or presenting a major brand revamp. 

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2. Native Advertising at Scale 

Most people do not like a hard sell. Which is why marketers and agencies partner with publishers and media for more cohesive, consistent, and “organic” types of brand advertising. 

Compared to standardized ad formats, native ads follow the natural design, position and advertising behavior of the contextual environment where the ads are placed. Traditionally, this takes up more time and resources but this has changed with Programmatic.

To activate a native ad campaign, you just need to provide the creative assets of a native ad (images, headlines, logos, video, etc.), then publishers will specify the design based on the content layout and interactivity – providing the user with a more natural and integrated looking ad placement. 

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3. Omni-Channel for Untapped Moments 

Programmatic buying is becoming the dominant format for digital advertising, it serves as a reliable way to build your brand awareness. Creativity is a crucial factor for branding success – not only should brand messages and design aligned, but also the channels and media to reach your target audience.

Another breakthrough is the centralized buying of ad formats such as audio and connected TV via Programmatic platforms. This enables marketers to effectively plan omnichannel campaigns and capture untapped branding potential with cross-device measurement.

There has been an exponential growth in screenless devices that has led to the digital audio rebirth. Programmatic audio opens up new possibilities to scale reach in new contexts in synergy with songs. Enhanced by exclusive data points collected from audio partners, it also provides a fresh angle to audience behaviour understanding and targeting. Best of all, we can consolidate audio buying with other channels on one platform to gain a holistic view to monitor and optimize.


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Advertising technology is always evolving as consumer consumption habits develop and change. What Programmatic advertising represents is the digital capability, efficiency, scalability and flexibility which ultimately help to actualize your marketing ideas and ambitions. 

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