5 things you should consider when choosing your next programmatic partner

Programmatic advertising is designed to make digital ad buying more efficient, faster and more relevant. Through automation, it removes humans from a large part of the process helping you reach your goals at scale. 

Through the use of data and technology, marketers are able to leverage intelligent systems that are powered by AI to target the right people at the right time.

As a brand, you will know best who your customers are. Drawing that data and insight to enhance and amplify your marketing is where the opportunity with Programmatic advertising comes in. Giving you a new dimension into audience targeting that is omnichannel and measurable, and transforms customer consideration into conversions. 

There are many connected tools and partners in the Programmatic ecosystem. So before you get started and choose a partner, here are some things to consider before you delve into Programmatic buying.

business goals

What are your objectives? Having a partner understanding the business needs and goals is key to ensuring Programmatic is utilised in the right and most efficient way to scale your business. Programmatic should not be a black-box approach, where you purchase a campaign off the shelf. 

Hold a consultation session to ensure objectives are aligned and realistic, the key with Programmatic and marketing as a whole is incremental growth and scalability. 

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How you approach your marketing is unique to your business and adopting the right partner and Programmatic channel is no different. Walled gardens aside, most platforms offer the same access to tools and inventory these days. When planning your approach, consider if you need to use multiple partners.

If all are buying the same and duplicating your message on the same channels, this may not be the best strategy. Communication not only of your brand but with your Programmatic partner will help you plan an effective campaign strategy that meets and excels your performance targets. 

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Having the right strategy is half the goal, being able to measure your campaign with the right metrics is equally if not more important. Your brand is your image and how and where you appear to your customers can make or break you – first impressions do matter! 

The internet is a vast space, so how do you know your advertising is reaching the right people or even being seen? Viewability and transparency of your advertising is something that your partner communicates and builds into the strategy. Increased attention on ads increases conversion rates by 60% with users 2X more likely to click advertisements. Being seen online is paramount to your success.

Visibility is great, but your brand should also be suitability placed in brand-safe environments. There are many tools that ensure your brand is not placed on contextually negative content that may not meet your brand’s image. Check with your partner in the planning process how they will build brand suitability into your plan.  

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Programmatic can be full of elusive jargon at times, with new terms popping up each day. Where one partner positions as “CPA optimized” vs “Super Conversion Engine’, we all know the end goal is to meet the objective outlined in your strategy. How do you know you are getting the best value with your partner? 

Experienced teams should be able to effectively communicate and explain in plain terms what, why and how you should implement Programmatic. As well as delving into the details and specificities of your campaign when it matters most. 

Although more budget and reach will help your exposure, if this is not effectively set up or optimized then, bigger is certainly not better in this case. Having experienced teams and a smart strategy will.

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Programmatic can often be seen as something that can be set up and left alone, where we leave the “AI” to fix the problems to meet the goals. A strong team will take the insights and data that is gathered from your campaigns and use these to drive your objectives at an increased scale.  

Along with your business, the world changes at a dynamic pace. Your Programmatic partner should be responsive both in terms of your business needs and the changes in the evolving landscape at the macro and micro level. 

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Programmatic is a key channel for any brand today, with brands projected to spend $149bn in Programmatic by 2021. Brands can now use advanced data-driven solutions to reach their audiences at scale. Partnering with a Programmatic specialist can help your brand achieve your goals and increase your return on ad spend. Helping you effectively plan and navigate the nuances within the landscape to drive performance and grow your business. 

Get in touch with our team today for a consultation to see if we can be your next Programmatic partner. 

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