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Triple Engagement with Stunning Creatives

When you look to Delvify for campaign creative, we help you optimize every aspect of your creative together - audience, media, and creative. It's a holistic approach to service that streamlines activation and drives better results.
Interactive Ad FORMATS

Uniquely Captivating Creative

A broad range of creative formats that capture attention and engage your audience, including highly immersive formats like AR, 3D, playable ads and more.

tap to map creative

Bigger experiences for consumers on the move

When you want consumers to visit store locations, nothing makes it easier than a shopper-friendly Store Finder. Our “Tap to Map” creative adds engagement to your ads and seamlessly puts directions in your target consumers’ hands.
AR Experiences

Engage consumers with immersive experiences

There's no creativity quite like AR. Its ability to captivate our attention, create connections, and inspire action is unlike any other format available in advertising. The options are unlimited when you create your own custom AR experience.
Creative matters

In the industry’s first in-depth study of 5G users and augmented reality ads,* consumers agree in large numbers:


“I’d like to see more Augmented Reality ads in the future”


“Advertising experiences like these would reflect positively on the brand in the ad”


“These ads would be more likely to capture my interest or attention than normal ads”

*Ericsson Emodo 5G and Augmented Reality Consumer Study, April 2021


Next-Generation Advertising

Emodo Supply and Audiences are different than any other inventory source, because it's powered by Telco Intelligence. That's a really important difference for marketers who are serious about accuracy, performance and waste reduction.

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Our AI-powered advertising solutions are different than any other. They include verified inventory, immersive ad experiences, and quality-verified audiences that scale, whether devices have IDs or not.

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