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Ericsson Emodo Partners with CKDelta, a Member of CK Hutchison Holdings, to Improve Relevance & Performance for Advertisers in Asia Through Delvify

Partnership to power new solutions that use anonymized telco data to reduce ad fraud and verify the quality of audiences and inventory

Hong Kong, HK – Emodo, an Ericsson company providing high-impact audience, inventory and creative advertising solutions, today announced a partnership with CKDelta, a member of CK Hutchison Holdings, to power more relevant ad experiences for consumers, while helping advertisers improve inventory, targeting and campaign quality through Delvify.

“Relevant advertising requires getting the right ad to the right audience segment,” said Alistair Goodman, CEO of Emodo. “In collaboration with CKDelta, Emodo will introduce solutions in Hong Kong and across the Asia and Pacific region that empower marketers with relevant, privacy-centric solutions that optimize ad effectiveness and ROI. Under the collaboration, CKDelta will apply anonymized data from mobile networks within CK Hutchison’s portfolio of companies to validate the accuracy of advertising data in programmatic environments. These validation insights will be fed into Emodo’s advanced AI engine to authenticate the accuracy and quality of audience and inventory data in real time, reducing the likelihood of advertising fraud in bidding transactions. This ensures Emodo solutions (Emodo Verified Audiences and Emodo Verified Supply) provide only verified, fraud-safe data and inventory.”

The alliance between Emodo and CKDelta further expands on the companies’ established international partnership, which debuted in the UK in 2020. In that market, these models have proven to significantly elevate the quality and accuracy of advertising data, enabling marketers to tailor messaging more effectively and make ads more relevant for consumers. Emodo’s Verified Audiences have delivered an 80% improvement in lower funnel metrics and double the upper funnel engagement rates (avg.) of non-verified audiences.

Emodo Verified Audiences and Verified Supply in Hong Kong are available exclusively through enterprise partner Delvify – Hong Kong’s leading native AI solutions specialist. Interested advertisers can access all Emodo solutions through Delvify’s managed service and issued deal IDs.

“With Emodo Verified Audiences and Emodo Verified Supply, marketers can better achieve campaign quality and relevance for their audiences,” said Charles Allard, CEO of Delvify. “We’re excited to collaborate with Emodo in this market and believe these solutions will usher in a new era of campaign connection, accuracy and quality in programmatic buying.”

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About Ericsson Emodo

Emodo is the independent provider of high-impact audience, inventory, and creative solutions that elevate campaign results through the application of machine learning (ML) technologies. The company’s machine learning models proactively identify top-performing inventory and audiences, pre-bid. Emodo’s ML models are continuously trained by the industry’s most accurate truth sets, including exclusive data from mobile telcos and networks. Through its unified ad platform, Emodo Marketplace also offers supply- and demand-side capabilities and a highly optimized path for both buyers and sellers. Emodo solutions are available through every leading DSP and through Managed Service, making it easy for advertisers to buy however they wish.

Emodo is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ericsson, a world-leading provider of telecommunications technology and services that power billions of mobile connections worldwide.


About CKDelta

CKDelta are a unique 21st Century start-up data innovation company, and a member of one of the largest conglomerates in the world, CK Hutchison Holdings. CKDelta delivers new business performance through data innovation, designing proving and scaling data models for businesses, using diverse data sets, to both understand what is happening now, and to predict what is coming.

CKDelta’s approach is unique and delivers a range of benefits, including:

  • Accessibility to uniquely diverse and high-quality data sets
  • A diverse range of skills and sector expertise
  • The ability to rapid-prototype and implement scenarios at industrial scale

CKDelta applies most of what they do to companies within their own partnership. CK Hutchison’s diverse portfolio of businesses provides a wide source of business data from across the globe, which is constantly growing and refreshing. This data provides a unique opportunity to design, lab-test and trial scalable business solutions in a reliable and secure environment.


About Delvify

Headquartered in Hong Kong, with an R&D hub in Singapore, Delvify uses state-of-the-art AI solutions to provide seamless customer experiences to businesses and combines advanced models with mobile data to bring next-level quality and impact to Programmatic advertising.

Through their predictive AI solutions, brands are able to drive efficiency and increase revenue for businesses, providing convenience through understanding consumer needs and shaping personalized customer journeys.

Our AI-powered advertising solutions are different than any other. They include verified inventory, immersive ad experiences, and quality-verified audiences that scale, whether devices have IDs or not.

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