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Eureka AI Partners with Delvify Ads to Deliver Market Intelligence at Scale on the Hong Kong Digital Economy

Through the partnership, Eureka AI and Delvify will bring enterprises intelligence to grow their brands and serve their customers better.    

Hong Kong, HK – Eureka AI, a software company focused on applying AI to large scale data sets, has partnered with Delvify Ads, a Hong Kong based Adtech company, to provide businesses in Hong Kong with intelligence on what is happening in the digital consumer market on smartphones.

The alliance between Eureka AI and Delvify Ads will see the launch of the OMNI Market Intelligence platform within Hong Kong, which will enable App and Website owners to get a unique view of the digital economy as well as their competitor’s performance.

Increasing digitization is creating large scale data sets which are difficult for companies to manage and extract value from in a privacy compliant way.  Eureka’s DS2 AI / ML platform processes large scale anonymized and aggregated data sets to create Omni, a market intelligence platform that has the largest continuous market research panel in Hong Kong with more than 2.3 million daily consumers.

“Given the acceleration of digital adoption, companies are looking to understand what is happening in the market, and how they grow their brand penetration and better serve their customers digitally.” said Benjamin Soemartopo, CEO of Eureka.  “The Delvify Ads team has a great track record of working with clients to provide next-generation digital solutions, and through our partnership, we’ll be able to help enterprises understand the Hong Kong digital economy and grow their business.”

“Bringing the OMNI Market Intelligence Platform into Hong Kong allows brands to activate a unique data solution on the Hong Kong market,” said Charles Allard Jr., CEO of Delvify Ads. “This is an exciting partnership with Eureka, and we look forward to bringing this best in-class solution to business intelligence and market research teams in the market.”

About Eureka AI

Eureka is an enterprise software company whose products allow companies to derive actionable intelligence at scale by applying AI and Machine Learning to large scale external and internal data sets and combining them.  Eureka’s market intelligence product Omni provides the largest continuous market research panel in a country for digital and location intelligence.  Eureka AI works with Fortune 500 companies in industries including banking, insurance, e-commerce and transport and operates across Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Europe and the United States.  Learn more at

About Delvify

Based in Hong Kong, Delvify Ads aims to bring new and upcoming AI solutions to the market in order for businesses to provide seamless customer experiences. Delvify Ads’ advanced AI models coupled with mobile data brings next-level quality and impact to Business Intelligence and Programmatic Advertising solutions.

Through their predictive AI solutions, brands can drive efficiency and increase revenue for their businesses. With more actionable insights, brands can understand consumer needs better and shape more personalized customer journeys. Learn more at

Our AI-powered advertising solutions are different than any other. They include verified inventory, immersive ad experiences, and quality-verified audiences that scale, whether devices have IDs or not.

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