How to reach shoppers during Online Shopping Festivals with programmatic

As we enter Q4, we also enter one of the biggest shopping seasons for many brands. For eCommerce in particular, this season can be make or break with thousands of brands fighting for that moment to capture customers’ attention. Within APAC, the most popular events this season were initially founded after the success of Singles Day made by Alibaba. We now have 10.10, 12.12 as well as the traditional holiday festivals.

Last year alone, Singles Day broke records again with $38 billion USD in sales. To put that in context in the US, the sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined reached just $7.2 billion USD in sales.

It is often a season where shoppers are overloaded with offers and a flurry of online activity. So how can you ensure you are reaching the right people at the right time? Below are factors you should consider in order to target effectively using Programmatic. 

1. Get to know Us!

Not all consumers are interested in your products, this is where bigger companies thrive with near limitless budgets to effectively roadblock attention. Most marketers need to be more efficient and selective with their spending. 

Making use of your data online and in-app to understand where they are, both in the real and in the digital ecosystem, and who they are are crucial when planning your campaign for success. As you grow your business you can then start to develop lookalike models to further scale your audience. 

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2. Think Smart

Many brands look out to throw out a “crazy discount” to get a quick burst of sales. However, to grow and sustain it takes a more holistic approach and tactic. Ensuring you are filling the top funnel and nurturing them through from consideration to conversion is essential. Programmatic advertising can help you reach consumers across the buying funnel and across formats, make it an essential part of your marketing mix. 

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3. One or Omni-channel?

You may have had success using just Facebook Ads and Google, while they are likely to do so, there are other channels where your audience can be reached. In a time where everyone is throwing their two cents into these channels, how and where else can you reach your audience?

Video: With 5 billion video views a day just on YouTube, video ads give marketers a longer and more visual way to create your story and maintain brand attention. 

Audio: The rise of streaming music, podcasts and radios present another channel where brands connect and reach consumers.  With audio ads non-skippable, attention rates are far higher and your brand is right in their ears! 

DOOH (Digital Out of Home): Although this area is still relatively new in the Programmatic world, this will certainly be a space to watch as the infrastructure grows.   

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4. Determine your metrics

You may have the best strategy and campaign ideas, but without ensuring it is tracked properly and measured, you cannot make the right decisions that may enhance or save your business. 

It is important that campaigns are monitored during shopping seasons especially as things can change in an instant, so keeping on top of your numbers and performance is key in order to optimize campaigns and scale. 

Automations in Programmatic can be applied to help you do this, so while you do not need to watch the ads appear in real time, having the right tracking and processes in place will set you up for success. 

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We cannot guarantee you Alibaba-like success. However, by having an effective strategy and approach when using Programmatic it can help you make those first steps and stand out against your competitors during this hectic time and give you every chance at success. Good luck! 

If you would like to implement the best Programmatic practice for your brand in time for the festivities, get in touch with our team today for a consultation! 

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