Is measuring programmatic by driving attention the new currency?

In our previous blog, we have explored why viewability is important. The role of marketing is to get your brand or product seen or heard and covert them into paying customers. So consider which metric you would prefer; 30 ads viewed for 1 second each or 1 ad for 30 seconds. 

Viewability is a metric used widely in the digital advertising industry to understand the effectiveness of their media buys. It is a measure of how much real estate (pixels) of an ad that is actually visible to a user. The MRC and IAB viewability standard for digital displays sets the bar low by valuing short interactions over real engagement (e.g. 1 second of 50% pixels in view vs. 30 seconds view). 

Just because an ad is “viewable”, does not necessarily mean the ad was viewed.

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how much attention is my ad getting?

There are various aspects that can affect a user’s attention of an ad. A page may contain many ads on a page cluttering the space or inversely a lot of content that diverts users’ attention away from your ad. An ad may be placed above the fold, which in practice gives you high viewability metrics but low attention, as you often dwell less on the header of the page you are visiting, this is where in-feed or even below the fold ads can drive more attention. The channel you are viewing is also an important factor – when shopping for an item on a marketplace, your attention is not on an ad, compared to reading some news content. 


But sometimes, the reverse is true: ads that are not technically viewable do in fact get looked at. For example, TV ads, someone can be in the room (meaning that the ad is ‘viewable’) but not looking at the screen. For social media ads, the ads can be on screen, and get some attention, but not reach the IAB threshold that qualifies them to be technically viewable. 

so how can brands achieve higher attention rates?

If we are using Impressions in ad-buying as a proxy for awareness, then should we not purchased based on attention?

View -Duration is the measurement of time spent with a digital advert when at least 50% of the ad is viewable to a consumer online.

It enables brands to plan and execute their digital advertising on the basis of the attention their ads will get, rather than simply recording if the ads were loaded or viewable for one second. By focusing on driving more engagement via increased attention, you achieve greater brand recall and optimize your media to convert advertising moments into real business outcomes. 

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There are many solutions that are available today to not only target but measure how well your ads are seen by your target market. Implementing the right strategy is half the goal, being able to measure your campaign with the right metrics is equally, if more important. 

Get in touch with our team today to find out how you can improve the viewability and attention of your ads today! 

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