planning a programmatic campaign: 6 questions you should ask

The digital marketing landscape is more competitive than ever in 2021, as ad spend continues to rise with global digital ad spend projected to reach $389 billion in 2021. To cut through all this noise, digital marketers need to personalize consumer experiences. 

With so many many channels and options to choose from, only 61% of marketers believe their marketing strategy is effective. Even though most marketers doubt their strategies, they’re still putting a lot of spend into digital advertising.

Here 6 key questions you should ask before planning a Programmatic campaign: 

Why - your business and marketing goals

Are you looking to drive brand awareness, sales, ROAS, video views, app installs etc.? 

By adding multiple layers into the objectives not only complicates campaigns but also often cannot be achieved. Setting clear and measurable objectives is the key for any plan and ensures that all teams within your hierarchy are aligned with what the campaign is aiming to deliver. 

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who- defining your customer persona

Segmentation is key to understanding where and what to show to your customers. If you are promoting a new product, what do these customers look like? What are their behavioral profiles and demographics, where do they frequent and what interest or affinity do they have with your brand? For existing customers, are your personas up to date? Knowing your audience helps define the plan.

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What - Message You Want to Drive

We have the ‘why’ and ‘who’, but ‘what’ is the message? This should be aligned to fit your objectives and audience. Whether it’s to drive a brand awareness campaign, new product launch, more sales or promote and upsell existing customers, having the relevant creative and messaging is critical. 

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When - engaging users at the right time

Key moments in a customer’s day or journey can make or break a brand. For example, if you are a food delivery service, messaging to customers in the early hours may not be the best investment, but rather targeting them 1-2 hours pre-lunch or dinner time. Or if you are an online gambling service, then you can show a half-time offer. 

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Where - reach with relevance

Programmatic advertising offers brands a chance to buy omni-channel from display ads to audio to DOOH, but this does not mean each channel is the right one for your campaign. Is your campaign aimed towards iPhone users only? Then targeting Android users would not be the best device OS to market to. 

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How - Delivering with efficiency

Having a plan of action and strategy in place helps to frame your campaign and applying the right tactics is what helps make the campaign successful. Selecting the right data partners, frequency of ads, inventory, formats and many more, with a multitude of options and execution methods. Programmatic can shape your strategy with efficiency and scale. 

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So how can marketers get the best ROAS from advertising? This is the golden question and unfortunately there is no magical solution for this. Programmatic can help consolidate and make buying and planning more efficient with flexible tools and advanced optimization algorithms. However, before diving in we should ask these 6 key questions. After all – by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. 

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